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what is this?

Someone you know has challenged you. The bucket of water weights 75 lbs. and represents an obstacle to a child's education.

why should i care?

Women and children walk an average of nearly 4 miles every day to get dirty water, which keeps them from attending school. Clean water in a community causes school attendance to skyrocket and a significant improvement in the health of children. Additionally, over 1,000 children die each day due to illness caused by unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene.


Please fill this bucket and deliver it by foot, wagon, or car to a friend or neighbor within 2 days of receiving the bucket. The goal is to get them in as many hands as possible so that we can walk with the 800 million people that have to walk for water each day that’s not clean.


$50 provides one child with clean water for a lifetime. Donations of any size are welcome. Please pass the bucket along whether you choose to donate or not! Thank you for your consideration!

If a bucket is in your possession after September 9, please contact us and leave it on your doorstep - we will pick it up between September 10-17. Please email