When saying yes to sponsoring Mamokete (from Lesotho in Africa) we knew we were helping a little girl with necessities like clean water, food, education and basic medical needs. Through writing back and forth we could not imagine of the effects she would have on our family.
— Craig Wyttenbach, Founder of 8 Miles for Water.

Just like our relationship with World Vision to drill wells with the money we raise, we are partnering in the same way, offering child sponsorship.

Child sponsorship through World Vision is the most personal and effective way to fight poverty and forever transform a community by giving them both a better life and a hopeful future. You can have a one on one relationship with your chosen sponsored child and see first-hand how your sponsorship is making the critical difference.  Experience shows that sponsorship through World Vision is a rewarding and transformational way to forever change the life of a child. It is also why World Vision is the single largest non governmental provider of clean water in the world.


Shine bright the world needs you!

Please contact 8 Miles for Water volunteer and World Vision Child Ambassador, Linda Stombaugh if you have any questions about child sponsorship at lstombaugh@gmail.com.